Is a Gold-Backed IRA Right for You?

Having a gold IRA is a good idea for an individual. Because it provides pretty simple ways to develop your retirement benefits over your career life, employing tax advantages to make your savings more advantageous.

There are various types of IRAs, as described by the kind of assets you employ with your IRA to invest. One type of such IRA is the gold-backed IRA, which is valued based on gold, instead of mutual funds, bonds, stocks, or even other assets.

What is a Gold-Backed IRA?

It is a type of precious metals IRA, which has existed for many years now. One can decide to fund his or her IRA using precious metals instead of using U.S. dollars. However, the precious metals came from an accepted list by the central government. These precious metals include gold, platinum, and silver.

Some concepts make a gold-backed IRA dissimilar from other plans. For instant, for beginners these IRAs are self-directed. This implies that the decisions are made by the account holder. Also, it differs in how you maintain your assets. Stocks exist in the digital globe; gold-backed IRA doesn’t. One has to keep physical gold and plan storage for the gold through the trustee or custodian.

One also has to certain forms of metals. For example, gold must be in the form of 24-karat of gold bullion bars and must weigh between 1 to 400 ounces. Foreign gold coins are also accepted. Finally, the difference between gold and other plans is that when the stocks go up, the gold goes down, and also vice versa. This has made gold to be a hedge against stocks.

IRA-Accepted Precious Metals

The IRS accepted some precious metals and some types of bullion for IRAs. There are a lot of advantages to holding gold coins rather than bars in any gold IRA in matters of liquidation. Bars are difficult to sell because of their high prices, and difficult to deliver because of their weightiness and the quantity of security required during their transportation. Currently, we have a diversity of precious that meet the lowest purity requirements that are approved to be included in the gold IRA account.

The Internal Revenue Code permits IRAs to possess some platinum, silver, and gold coins, also palladium, platinum, silver, and gold bullion that meet the minimum required standards. The bullion or coins should be held by the IRA custodian, not the IRA owner. For example, an IRA can possess Canadian Gold Maple Leaf coins, American Platinum Eagle coins, American Gold Eagle coins, or even silver and gold bars that are 99.9% pure.


It is a very good idea for every individual to own an individual retirement account because it has a lot of benefits that an individual gets from it. For example, the gold retirement account is a physical gold account whereas an individual you have full control of your accounts. As you can make various changes to your account and also take part in the losses, gains, and even any other risk that can be incurred. The gold IRA uses gold which is the ultimate hedge against market inflation. Gold has retained its value throughout the years. Should you consider protecting your retirement and your amassed savings with an intrinsic rate of physical silver or gold?

Gold IRA Rollover Advice

The prevailing conditions of a global economic slowdown have harmed almost every type of market-related investment. However, precious metals have been an exception to the rule. While the growth in stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and real estate has been negative in recent years, precious metals such as gold and silver have experienced an unprecedented boom in growth.

People with retirement savings linked to investments in precious metals have been enjoying significant growth in their investments, and the momentum seems to be continuing unabated. In such conditions, a Gold IRA rollover appears to be a sound investment strategy for those who are keen to plan their retirement savings wisely. An increasing number of Americans are seeking to take advantage of the gold IRA rollover today.


The gold IRA rollover guide refers to a simple process that enables you to diversify any part of your retirement savings portfolio, including existing IRAs, or previous 401Ks from an ex-employer. It allows you to own gold and other precious metals as a part of your retirement plan. A gold IRA rollover is a process approved by the IRS. It involves the least amount of hassle and is completely free of taxes.

A gold IRA performs in a similar capacity as your existing traditional IRA account, with the basic exception that instead of making investments in stocks, bonds, or other forms of investment, you will hold your investments in actual gold coins or bars. You will not receive the physical possession of your gold, but it will be retained in a safe, IRS-approved depository until you reach your retirement. Thereafter, you are free to receive the physical possession of your gold. Alternatively, you are free to sell it off for cash at any point in time.


A gold IRA rollover is ideal for people who at present own a traditional, SEP, Roth, or Simple IRA account. However, several other types of retirement accounts may also be eligible for the gold IRA rollover. These may include 401K, 403B, and 457 deferred compensation plans, thrift savings plans, pension plans, Non-prototype IRA, TIAA CREF, and Beneficiary IRA.


To have practical applicability of a Gold IRA Rollover, it may be important to execute a separation from a 401K rollover, such as leaving existing employment. However, several exceptions to the rule exist, which you may be entitled to. In any case, IRA transfers may be carried out through a gold IRA rollover. The IRA transfer occurs when an existing IRA is transferred from one custodian to another.

When the transfer takes place directly from one custodian to another, it makes the whole process straightforward. The failure of a rollover process may happen if the cash is not transferred within the stipulated period of 60 days. In such a situation, the IRS will view the transfer as a new, taxable income. It may also incur extra fees on your investment. Regal Assets is a highly reputed gold deal with a team of top professionals to help you with your gold IRA rollover.

Gold Retirement Accounts

It is an individual retirement account where physical gold and other accepted precious metals are seized in detention for the benefit of the gold IRA account holder. It works in the same way as a regular IRA, but instead of seizing paper assets, it seizes physical bullion bars and coins. Gold or other precious metals IRAs are normally self-directed IRAs, in which the custodian accepts more different investments to be seized in the account. Other types of retirement accounts can be included in the gold IRAs like; SEP IRA, HAS, 401(k) s, Thrift Savings Plan, Roth IRAs, and SIMPLE IRA.

Gold, platinum, silver, and palladium are the precious metals accepted to be held in the individual’s account, provided that those precious metals are in the form of IRAs-accepted bar or coin products.

Investors regularly use these precious metals as a long-standing hedge against inflation, to expand their collection. The accepted metals should be stored in a specific way as required by the Internal Revenue Code. Some Trustees contain in-house facilities to hold the precious physical metals while others make use of a third-party reservoir as a storeroom.

Why a Gold IRA?

You should consider holding physical gold in your retirement account. Because, your retirement is at risk, and there is nothing more sacred. These are uneasy times, and gold has constantly been in a critical hedge against economic crisis and volatility. IRA accounts traditionally depended upon a group of a bond, stocks, or even mutual funds that are associated with the economy. When the economy also suffers the value of the IRA accounts lowers. However, gold has been steady for many years now. Why can’t you consider protecting your retirement and your amassed savings with the inherent rate of physical silver or gold?

The Self-Directed IRA

Home Storage Gold IRA is a form of self-directed IRA. This simply means that an individual controls investment decisions in his or her account. It permits an individual to take an active role in the determination of his or her asset mix and gives one the ability to expand his or her retirement account holdings past the traditional bonds, stocks, and municipal funds.

Gold IRA allows you to hold all of your retirement dollars in the form of gold. This allows you to change your traditional IRA assets so that your selection is less at risk to the current world economy.

Take Advantage Of the Timeless Value of Gold In world Uncertainty With A Gold IRA Rollover

The market is reaching new heights and people like Warren Buffet, and George Soros is saying there is no end in sight. Especially with China now making inroads on Wall Street and is in a buying frenzy all over the US, buying property and companies left and right.

So, why are people suddenly shifting to Gold, which has always been considered a conservative Investment?

Perhaps it is because it is such a safe investment. All you have to do is read the signs. On one hand, China is trying to dislodge the dollar as the World Currency and on the other, they are buying America like there is no tomorrow.

This is worrying many of the rank-and-file investors as they watch George Soros, and other giant investors have started sprouting off that we should do more to let China into our markets.

Well, whatever the reasoning for the rise in Home Storage Gold IRA. Gold has been around for centuries as a prime way to invest and save.

Today it has even gotten better with the changes in the 401ks, other investment, and retirement vehicles.

Gold IRAs and even 401k gold rollovers are now a reality that can hedge against inflation and still give you a great ROI as well. This is what we are going to look at for you today and why you should consider a Gold IRA in your portfolio.

The World Gold supply is drying up!
South Africa has been the source of gold for the last 50 or so years, and it supplied over 70% of the free gold in the world. Now that flood is slowing to a trickle as the once famous Kimberly mines as well, and many others are running dry.

China still has vast reserves, but it is also buying up as much as it can on the open market. This buying spree is continuing to this day as well. So, for you, the investor Gold may be the best answer to hedge against the future shortage of gold to come and the possible repercussions of China’s attempts to oust the dollar as the world Reserve currency.

So you can see your investments that are in traditional stocks on the NASDAQ are in jeopardy if their actions bear fruit and the new BRIC Bank is just the first step.

This is seen by many as the opening of a currency war between America and China. China is pushing on all fronts, economic, trade, and militarily and the current administration is not meeting the threat. Instead, we get a secret Trans-Pacific Partnership that even Obama supporters are balking at, as it will drop America’s ability to trade and give breaks to companies that outsource to the Pacific Rim.

You can see it already in the news Disney laid off workers in favorite of immigrant workers brought over on H1B visas, which is a direct violation of what the program was designed for. If you recall the H1B visa was created to bring in people with talent and skills in short supply. India Staffing firms are bringing in workers to replace Americans with cheap labor.

Home Storage Gold IRA Investing

Traditionally speaking, people who wanted to opt for the precious metals IRA option would have to pay extensive regular fees to successfully maintain their cache of precious metals. People have to follow certain guidelines and rules when they are trying to maintain a long-term investment like this. Investors shouldn’t take risks when it comes to those guidelines, or there’s a strong possibility that something will go wrong for them down the line. People don’t want to spend years trying to save for retirement only to find out that some loophole has invalidated their entire retirement fund.

It is also important to know that home storage isn’t always the best option when it comes to any financial asset. A house itself is a financial asset of sorts, and houses are by no means the most secure financial assets in the world. While all financial assets can depreciate, many different hazards can affect homes in a way that has no equivalent when it comes to other types of financial assets. The rules against home storage for precious metals in these sorts of IRAs have some benefits for the investors themselves.

Home Storage Gold IRA Law Rules

However, people who want to know how to keep IRA-eligible gold at home should know that there are now programs for this sort of thing. These programs are relatively new, but they will probably become more popular with time. People like to have more options when it comes to their finances in general. A lot of people feel more secure when they have the gold that they’re storing right next to them at all times. Keeping IRA-eligible gold at home also means that the investors are not going to have to pay the typical stiff annual custodial fees.

Augusta Precious Metals has a relatively new Home Storage Gold IRA Program. People are still going to need the services of custodians in part when they join this program, but they will spend much less money in the process. The IRS demands that a custodian is involved to a certain extent, but there are certainly degrees of involvement. Investors have a lot more freedom with this particular IRA option. They can keep their American Eagle coins at home, and their American Eagle coins may constitute half of their accounts. Their IRA-eligible coins will be kept in safety deposit boxes. These kinds of investments can include precious metals, real estate, and a host of other non-traditional investments. See Internal Revenue Code Section 408 for allowed investments, particularly 408(m), which deals with precious metals.)

These kinds of Home Storage Gold IRA Programs give people significantly more control over their assets than they would have otherwise. Many people are understandably concerned about investing a lot of money for an extended period in a way that gives them very little power. A Home Storage Gold IRA puts some of the power back in their hands, which will truly make all the difference for them. Home Storage Gold IRAs are very easy to set up in the first place. People just need to sign some forms, submit a check, and start their checking accounts. From there, they can feel secure with their Home Storage Gold IRA programs.

Planning for retirement is not always as simple as most people may think. These issues can become quite complicated based on the types of retirement funds and investments that the person chooses. In some cases, some people will only have an IRA account that is opened and controlled by their employers while others may have searched for accounts that they can open and control themselves. It does not matter what type of retirement accounts an individual chooses for their portfolio, they must have a clear understanding of how their accounts work, especially as it relates to the law and the taxes that they will have to pay in the long run.

With this said, for people who are interested in Self-directed IRA accounts and how they relate to the formation of an LLC, here’s some information that should be useful to its establishment and the guidelines that govern it.