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The electronic cigarette market is one of the biggest at the moment. The e-cig producers continue to offer new models that compete with each other with the aim of being able to create a perfect product, the best electronic cigarette, the one that all vaper would like to try in their lives. E-cigarettes are made up of many different pieces that together make this miracle of engineering work properly. To buy the best electronic cigarette you will have to evaluate all the components such as filter and cartridge, atomizer, drip tip, resistance, cartomizer, battery and finally liquids and aromas. In this article we will evaluate the pros and cons of the models, the individual pieces and finally we will understand which to choose. In this category in the Smo-King store you will find all the news from the world of Svapo and the best to quit smoking.

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Now answer the most frequently asked questions about this new way of smoking …

Health and Electronic Cigarettes
Health Together with Umberto Veronesi, Riccardo Polosa, Professor of Internal Medicine at the University of Catania and scientific director of the Italian Anti-Smoking League (LIAF), considered the most productive author in the world in the field of applied research, is among the signatories of the document. to electronic cigarettes

Professor Polosa, let’s start from the beginning. Can you explain how the electronic cigarette is made?

The first patent of the electronic cigarette dates back to 1963 and is the work of the American Herbert A. Gilbert, but it is only 40 years later that in China, in Beijing, a Chinese pharmacist – Hon Lik – taking advantage of an ultrasound technology, entered the market on first commercial product that soon became the electronic cigarette we know.

How do electronic cigarettes work?
The electronics do nothing but heat a liquid, composed of propylene glycol and vegetable glycerine, without going through the combustion process, that is, without bringing either tar or carbon monoxide, the two most harmful substances produced by cigarette smoke. Behind the disguise of a blonde, therefore, the electronic cigarette proposes to the smoker the same sensations released by the conventional cigarette, but with less damage to health.

How many types of electronic cigarettes are available on the market?
For us, for research purposes, it is important to distinguish electronic cigarettes in two different types: first-generation devices (or cig-like), which generally mimic conventional cigarettes in size and appearance and consist of small lithium batteries, rechargeable or disposable, and cartomizers / cartridges already filled with liquid; and second-generation devices (or personal vaporizers) objects that are very different from “blondes”, consisting mainly of high-capacity rechargeable batteries, with highly performing atomisers in which the liquid in the tank is supplied by the consumer whenever it runs out.

How often should the resistance be replaced?
It does not have a predetermined time duration, in fact, it is practically unlimited but requires periodic maintenance and control. After a couple of years, it is usually advisable to replace only the battery to increase the duration of use between one charge and another and the atomizer, the part most subject to wear.

Compared to common cigarettes what is its impact on health?
The e-cig do not contain tobacco and do not require combustion to function, so it is intuitive that they are safer than blondes and that they are able to improve the health of smokers who decide to use it instead of conventional cigarettes. Clinical studies on the electronic cigarette show positive effects on the consumer of electronic cigarettes both in terms of harm reduction and risk reduction related to conventional cigarette smoking. Once the risk of conventional cigarettes is 100, electronics are worth 5.

You coordinated the first study in the world on the efficacy and safety of electronic cigarettes. What emerged from your research?
As part of the ECLAT study conducted by the LIAF team of researchers at the University Center of the Catania Polyclinic, a substantial reduction in the damage caused by smoking such as cough (18%), dry mouth (17%), throat irritation (20 %) and headache (10%). Tobacco smoke withdrawal disorders, such as anxiety, hunger and insomnia, have been reported rarely. There were no substantial weight changes, no changes in heart rate or blood pressure, and an improvement in general health conditions was monitored by reducing tobacco smoke.

Can psychologically smoke an e-cig help you compared to the traditional cigarette?
Smoking and depression are often two correlated factors, indeed, according to recent studies conducted by our researchers “one does not smoke due to depression but becomes depressed by smoking”. For some patients smoking is a natural extension of their behavior and it is for this reason that it becomes necessary to obtain a clear and sincere statement from the patient on the actual commitment to renounce smoking, in order to make him responsible in his own decision. Studies conducted in our smoke-free centers have however shown that the electronic cigarette is also effective from the psychological point of view because it reduces the states of anxiety and stress typical of conventional cigarette smokers.

How did you respond to the news of the last few months that question its healthiness?
We all responded in the same way, taking advantage of the science and research results that, to date, has always shown that the electronic cigarette represents a valid alternative to quit smoking and exponentially reduces the risks associated with conventional cigarette smoking.

What is your opinion on the recent study published in the New England Journal of Medicine, according to which e-cigarettes could be even more carcinogenic than traditional cigarettes?
The study is based on the evaluation of subjects who emasculate in unrealistic conditions. Unfortunately, many studies on electronic cigarettes are conducted on non-human subjects or even, as in this case, in conditions that do not reflect the actual use of the instrument. Situations in which the electronic cigarette is used at high voltages when these are usually used at low voltages are evaluated.

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