Before understanding which electronic cigarette to buy, you must first understand that this product is designed for those who are already smokers and want to quit or decrease: if you don’t smoke, then, you shouldn’t start vaping.

Once this point has been clarified, to understand the world of electronic cigarettes and how to choose it, two very important aspects must be assessed. It is useful to start by considering your smoking: are you a heavy smoker or do you smoke only a few cigarettes a day? If you are used to smoking a lot or smoking very strong cigarettes you will have to orientate yourself towards powerful e-cig which, at the time of aspiration, will give you a more intense effect. In this case, moreover, you should start with nicotine fluids , and then gradually lower the concentration. If you are a heavy smoker, in fact, starting immediately with liquids without nicotine may not give you satisfaction and the risk is to get back to tobacco immediately.

If, on the other hand, you only smoke a few cigarettes a day or smoke light cigarettes you can direct your choice towards a small and practical electronic cigarette and to liquids without nicotine or with a lower concentration, so you can vape during breaks or after meals, such as you’re used to doing, without feeling the need to go back to tobacco.

The choice of the best electronic cigarette , however, today no longer concerns only the act of vape itself. This device, in fact, has now become an element that determines the style of the person who uses it: in essence, your e-cig speaks about you, like any other accessory, be it a bag, a jewel, or a dress. For this reason, today many vapers decide which electronic cigarette to choose also based on the appearance of the product, to be able to use it at any occasion, from evenings with friends to business meetings, and always have the maximum comfort with a model that represent them and contribute to giving a well-groomed image of oneself, that of a person who is attentive to details and leaves nothing to chance.

HOW TO CHOOSE THE ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE: WHERE TO GET STARTED how to choose the electronic cigarette: where to start HOW TO CHOOSE THE BEST ELECTRONIC CIGARETTE FOR YOU HERE ARE OUR TIPS how to choose the best electronic cigarette
After carefully evaluating these first two aspects in order to be able to identify the best electronic cigarette for your needs, let us now consider the main factors, including the more technical ones, to be considered when choosing the model.

To understand which electronic cigarette to buy one must rely on these four elements:

the duration and power of the battery ;
the maintenance ;
the liquids available
the design of the product.
Let’s see them in detail.

Battery life and power
To find the best electronic cigarette among the many on the market, the duration and the power of the battery are aspects that you must never underestimate. If you are an avid smoker, you will probably also use the electronic cigarette a lot, so we advise you to choose a model whose battery lasts a long time, to never risk being left without the possibility of vaping when you are around and you have no way to recharge the device. However, a good product should always guarantee excellent battery performance.

Also in the case of power, for the choice we suggest you to base yourself on your habits, in particular if you prefer the cheek or lung throw . The first is softer and, in the case of e-cigarettes, helps to enhance the aroma of the liquid used more. In this case also a battery with a not too high power is good. The so-called lung pull, on the other hand, is the deeper one that allows you to suck up a large amount of smoke: if this is your habit and if you like vaping emitting large amounts of steam, then you have to understand which electronic cigarette makes more steam . Usually, the most suitable models for lung shooting are those equipped with powerful batteries.

When you decide to switch to vape, it is not only important to learn about how to smoke the electronic cigarette , but also to understand how to do a correct maintenance of the product to ensure that it lasts long and always with high performance.

Many people like to take care of e-cig and buy accessories for cleaning and refilling, so they choose elaborate products that have a high cost and then force themselves to have various tools for maintenance. We must always consider that these operations require time, as well as, in fact, a lot of money. For those who prefer a more practical product, the best electronic cigarette is the one with a simple structure that is easily and quickly recharged and does not require complicated maintenance.

The liquids available
Choosing the electronic cigarette means not only buying the model that best suits your needs, but also identifying the liquids that best suit your tastes : we therefore recommend that you consider all the flavors available, including tobacco, and even different concentrations of nicotine present.

Product design
As anticipated, the best electronic cigarette is the one that best fits your style: therefore, when choosing, design is a fundamental aspect. In this case the decision is strictly personal: your e-cig must be akin to your way of being, with a design that meets your tastes and habits, so that you can always use it feeling at ease.

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