Is a Gold-Backed IRA Right for You?

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Having a gold IRA is a good idea for an individual. Because it provides pretty simple ways to develop your retirement benefits over your career life, employing tax advantages to make your savings more advantageous.

There are various types of IRAs, as described by the kind of assets you employ with your IRA to invest. One type of such IRA is the gold-backed IRA, which is valued based on gold, instead of mutual funds, bonds, stocks, or even other assets.

What is a Gold-Backed IRA?

It is a type of precious metals IRA, which has existed for many years now. One can decide to fund his or her IRA using precious metals instead of using U.S. dollars. However, the precious metals came from an accepted list by the central government. These precious metals include gold, platinum, and silver.

Some concepts make a gold-backed IRA dissimilar from other plans. For instant, for beginners these IRAs are self-directed. This implies that the decisions are made by the account holder. Also, it differs in how you maintain your assets. Stocks exist in the digital globe; gold-backed IRA doesn’t. One has to keep physical gold and plan storage for the gold through the trustee or custodian.

One also has to certain forms of metals. For example, gold must be in the form of 24-karat of gold bullion bars and must weigh between 1 to 400 ounces. Foreign gold coins are also accepted. Finally, the difference between gold and other plans is that when the stocks go up, the gold goes down, and also vice versa. This has made gold to be a hedge against stocks.

IRA-Accepted Precious Metals

The IRS accepted some precious metals and some types of bullion for IRAs. There are a lot of advantages to holding gold coins rather than bars in any gold IRA in matters of liquidation. Bars are difficult to sell because of their high prices, and difficult to deliver because of their weightiness and the quantity of security required during their transportation. Currently, we have a diversity of precious that meet the lowest purity requirements that are approved to be included in the gold IRA account.

The Internal Revenue Code permits IRAs to possess some platinum, silver, and gold coins, also palladium, platinum, silver, and gold bullion that meet the minimum required standards. The bullion or coins should be held by the IRA custodian, not the IRA owner. For example, an IRA can possess Canadian Gold Maple Leaf coins, American Platinum Eagle coins, American Gold Eagle coins, or even silver and gold bars that are 99.9% pure.


It is a very good idea for every individual to own an individual retirement account because it has a lot of benefits that an individual gets from it. For example, the gold retirement account is a physical gold account whereas an individual you have full control of your accounts. As you can make various changes to your account and also take part in the losses, gains, and even any other risk that can be incurred. The gold IRA uses gold which is the ultimate hedge against market inflation. Gold has retained its value throughout the years. Should you consider protecting your retirement and your amassed savings with an intrinsic rate of physical silver or gold?